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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Headed to Little Rock...

I know I haven't been that good at updating everyone with what has been happening... so let me provide a quick breakdown!

I competed at the Europa Super show (another great year thanks to Betty and Ed) and had a BLAST! I am getting to know so much more about all the competitors, it is only a shame we have so few shows each year to connect at.(I THINK IT'S TIME TO BRING PRO FITNESS TO THE COLORADO PRO!!!) Congrats to my friend Mindi for securing her spot at the O! Yeah! I am headed to Little Rock for the All Star Pro Fitness tomorrow. I am really excited about adding this show to agenda this year as I heard so many positive things about it from the girls last year! I am dragging my mom along for the ride, so I will have to apologize ahead of time if I bite your head off Mom! SORRY!!! ;) I hope that my training will peak for the Atlantic City pro in the middle of next month. I am still not where I want to be as far as the physique is concerned, but I know what needs to be done for next year, and I look forward to the challenge. I can't wait for the Atlantic City show this year as I will get to visit with my good friend Katie Szep (whom is pregnant- CONGRATS KATIE!) as I will be extending my visit by a few days after the show to hang out. Well, I think that is about it for now! If you haven't already please check out for all my workouts for you to download. Thanks again to all my fans for visiting and staying posted on what is happening with me. Talk with you soon!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Time to get started!!

Happy Spring! For me that means starting to train for this season. I sat out the first pro show of the year as I was getting our team, Perfect Balance Fitness, ready to take the stage at the NPC Northern Colorado. It was a huge success and a proud showing for our newly created team! I am very proud of all of our athletes, both Fitness and Figure and can't wait to see where the season takes them! So, as soon as that ended my diet began! I feel a little ahead of the game this year, preparing two new routines that I am really excited about! I head to Dallas for my first show of the season...then to Alantic City. Little Rock Pro show is also a possibility, but we will see how it pans out as it grows closer. My year started out with a very exciting project as I ventured down to Atlanta, GA for my recordings on It was a fantastic experience and a project that I am very proud to be a part of! Check out the website and download some of my very own workouts and learn a little bit about me at the same time! It's awesome!
My congratulations to all the competed in the NY Pro, as it posed to be a good line up once again this year. Well, I can't wait to see you at the shows! Email and keep posted for new pictures from last years shows.
Happy Training!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hi and Welcome


Yes, Yes I know...I have been slacking! I haven't updated you for quite some time, but I was doing my best enjoying the off season!! We have had a couple of pretty major snow storms here, trapping us inside a couple of times, but it looks like 2007 is starting off with the sun shining! With the New Year starting, so does the new goals! I am excited to have learned so much from my first year as a pro and can't wait to bring my improvements on stage! We are currently getting several girls prepared for the local Northern Colorado NPC Figure and Fitness show, so a lot of time is being devoted to the look out for a big showing in March! We need a resurrection of Fitness back at the local level, and we are doing our part to help make that happen! Next step: Preparing for a audio recording down in Atlanta for a company called BodyBeats...soon I will be downloadable to your iPod as your very own personal trainer! After that, time to get focused on this 2007 competition season. A lot of work to be done, and no better time to start than Jan 1...or lets say Jan 2nd! For now, that is it...Thanks for coming to visit my site and look forward to a successful 2007! Best of luck to all the girls competiting, can't wait to see you all again soon! Keep checking back for updates to the gallery and show schedule.